Monday, February 23, 2009

Sky Fort - Phase 3

The fort made it to the back yard. It doesn't look like much has changed since the last post but trust me, it took a lot of work to get this part done.

Luckily the ground was frozen when I moved the base from the garage to the backyard, dragging that through the mud would have been real fun. After digging up my lawn to level the ground and a few hundred pounds of cement for spot footings it's time for some fun, I can't play in the fort all day.

This actually took place over two days, the footings needed to dry before we could climb on the fort. Sunday morning Brennen and I started early. I put the floors on while Brennen terrorized the cats with his tractor. Because it was warm the trail behind the house was busy, all of the neighbors just stared as the wandered past. They're jealous, my kid has the coolest backyard.

The slide isn't supposed to go on until last but Brennen was such a good helper he needed to have some fun too. I know it doesn't appear to be completely safe, but where's the fun in that? Maybe that's why everyone was so concerned about what we were doing?

I'm done, my back is killing me! I can barely walk! I need to consult with my doctor. Don't know when the next phase is going to happen.

A little update. My lower back is [utah valley fix]'d up! It's been great weather and I can't ride my bike or work on the Sky Fort. I can barely walk. I can't sit in a chair for longer than 5 minutes. I damn near passed out changing my boy! This sucks to say the least... Maybe I should quit trying to be the best damn-all-around-do-it-yourselfer?

Sky Fort - Phase 2

A few boxes, big slide, table full of hardware and hundred pages of instructions, this will be fun...

It took about three hours to unpack the boxes and organize the pieces. The nice thing is each piece is labeled and the instructions refer to them. Cool! Let's get a jump on things and put a few parts together.

My helper is getting excited...

Eight hours later I've got a good start and only had take the base apart a couple of times. The instructions suck! I can't believe I used to do this every day. I hope the boy likes it.


The weather sucks! Some sunshine would be nice. Jamie and Brennen have cabin fever, we need to do something. On many a trip to Moab I've passed a billboard for the CEU dinosaur museum, 'Introduce your monsters to ours'

Brennen loves the dinosaurs, but every time we visit he runs through entire place. Mom and dad, sometimes grandma and grandpa, end up missing it all in an effort to keep up the boy.

We decided on the golden arches for lunch, not the Price has much more to offer, but they have a play place. I think Brennen had more fun there than the museum.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sky Fort - Phase 1

Mom and dad have been looking at play houses for last year or so without much luck, either they've been priced to high or dad thought they would fall apart. Then one day, a Saturday I believe, dad stumbled upon exactly what he wanted. The Sky Fort and it's available at Sam's Club. Long story short, off to the store for a first-hand look see, yep. Done four boxes and a slide. Now how to get it home? Uncle Matt to the rescue (again). Get to work dad!


My first season racing 'Expert' was definitely a learning experience. Some races were better than others. Sometimes I even did good, at least in my eyes. The year ended on a high note, first and second places at the 'nationals'. Now if I could race that well with the locals...

Karl and I drove the party bus to Tecemula. This was one of those bad races last season. I really needed to do better this time. Despite a major blow out (flat tire), Karl and I did all right. Thanks to the guys from Racer's for saving me and giving us someone to chase, at least for a few laps.