Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nothing New...

I just need to get rid of the snow covered fort, it's a little depressing. I finally started riding again. The month vacation really hasn't helped my racing efforts. Funny thing, after a few days on the mountain bike my back feels better. Karl missed our Saturday ride and went later, he claimed that he made it to the Alter. Of course I didn't believe him and had to find out for myself.

I decided to see how out of shape I am, so went as hard as I could from the mouth of the canyon to the dirt road above the race track. I only chose to stop the insane effort there because I was going to puke. After a little recovery spin down the road I started toward the alter. I must admit Karl was telling the truth, aside from the horse tracks the trail was in decent condition. I climbed Betty and headed down Frank, if those are the names we're using this year, toward Dragon's Back. I felt great my back wasn't bothering me (much) then, Stan's in the face! I ripped another side wall, Bontrager tires suck! That's three tires this year and I've only ridden half of the year. Any suggestions? Wait, no one reads this...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sky Fort - Complete

Almost a weeks worth of work, several trips to the doctor (no not Karl) and countless lost pieces but it's finished! This was quite the experience. Brennen helped me almost the entire time. He was even really helpful, well sometimes. Regardless of the time or pain, watching him run through the backyard and climb all over the fort was totally worth it!

The best was me teetering on the ladder putting the roof on. Brennen was handing me the roof boards so I didn't have to climb down each time. That was pretty cool.

I must admit, I'm afraid to mow the lawn. All of thew screws, washers and bolts that magically disappeared while putting the fort together may turn into flying projectiles. Most of them went down the slide, some got hauled away in the dump truck and I'm sure some will show up in the washing machine, not from me of course.

The first ICUP race is this weekend in St. George, I'm not going to attempt it. It would be really embarrassing to DNF the first race. Hopefully my back will cooperate and I can start riding hard, well as hard as I ride, again. I'm a little frustrated reading about my friends' riding experiences. I really feel left out. Not that I wasn't invited, but that I just can't ride like I want to. The weather is great, the roads and most of the BST are dry (enough), I just can't seem to get this thing to go away.