Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snow, Flu and Parts

First of all, anyone know who left the deer parts above the race track? What kind of sicko leaves puts dead animal parts on a trail? I really wish they wouldn't open the gate. Enough complaining.

Moab was great! Good times with good friends. And yes, I do realize that was a couple of weeks ago... Karl and I are planning on another trip to CA for the 12 Hours of Temecula. It's a fun race, well organized and generally a good time. Aside from the drive. We usually stop in Vegas or St. George on the way home for a little ride to stretch the legs and break up the drive. Anyone else interested?

Woke up this morning after a couple days of being sick to snow in the back yard. I'm guessing that means no more Diamond Fork trips this year. Too bad, I really like that area. Great trails with plenty ups and one of the best descents around (personal opinion). Back to the flu. It's one thing when I'm sick, but it really sucks watching helplessly as Brennen suffers. He even got a flu shot. Me being sick put an extra load on Jamie, she had to pretty much take of Bren herself for two days while I laid in bed and slept. She's the best!

I hope things dry out for trick or treat...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Riding

What a difference a day makes. On my Tuesday ride I had sweet rolling down my glasses and my jersey was crusted in white. Sorry, kind of gross. Wednesday it rained and rained, then when I tried to sneak in a ride it rained some more. The weather man was predicting big winds, I believe blow your trampoline away is what he said. That didn't happen and this morning the sun was out. Go figure. I decided on the road bike assuming the trails would be muddy and off I went. I haven't ridden the road bike for a couple of weeks and still can't figure out why my legs start to feel it within a couple of miles. I made my way up South Fork. Quite a variety of colors, unfortunately the town folk had the same idea (damn cars). I was really surprised when I reached the top of the road and found this...

Yes it is ice and it's 1 in the afternoon.