Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Riding

What a difference a day makes. On my Tuesday ride I had sweet rolling down my glasses and my jersey was crusted in white. Sorry, kind of gross. Wednesday it rained and rained, then when I tried to sneak in a ride it rained some more. The weather man was predicting big winds, I believe blow your trampoline away is what he said. That didn't happen and this morning the sun was out. Go figure. I decided on the road bike assuming the trails would be muddy and off I went. I haven't ridden the road bike for a couple of weeks and still can't figure out why my legs start to feel it within a couple of miles. I made my way up South Fork. Quite a variety of colors, unfortunately the town folk had the same idea (damn cars). I was really surprised when I reached the top of the road and found this...

Yes it is ice and it's 1 in the afternoon.

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