Friday, May 8, 2009

Pre Race Ride

The day before a race I like to ride, for no other reason than to make sure my bike is working. I haven't ridden the Whiting Campground trail yet this year; it's close, short and fun. I just add more stans to both tires so this would be a good test. My bike is already to race, clean, lubed and adjusted. Here we go...

There were six water crossings on the way up! Three with 'bridges', two with fast water just below hub (on a 29" wheel) and the last was just flowing over the road at the campground. Needless to say, the fun factor kicked in and I kept riding. To add insult to injury my rear wheel slipped off of one of the log bridges dropping the bike and my pretend bashguard, it taco-ed. I was forced to use a Neanderthal hammer to fix it just so I could keep riding through the river. My short ride wasn't so short. My bike is a mess. Brennen fell asleep at 7pm (for the night, we think). This is going to be fun...

Trail maintainance?

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