Sunday, June 14, 2009


Saturday started out like normal, up at the ass crack of dawn and off to the races while the family is still sleeping. It's really hard to grind coffee without waking everyone up. This weekend was Deer Valley. Fun course lots of tight fast single track and switch backs. There is only one bad climb, the third time around it was really bad! This was my last ICUP race before heading back for race #2 in the Temecula series. The ICUP races are great, 2 hours of all out effort. In CA things change a bit, the race lasts for 12 hours. Six hours for me and six for Karl, assuming neither of us has an issue and the other gets to pick up the slack (that's never happened before). I've got to give a big thanks to Chad. He and traded back and forth the entire race pulling each other along, we worked together to come from mid pack to top five. Not to mention having a pretty good time along the way.

We got board sitting around in afternoon and decided to visit the carny in Springville. Brennen has never been and was amazed by all of the stuff. Needless to say he ran around like a crazy man and had a great time. We left before the fireworks, the skies were dark and I didn't want to get rained on anymore.

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