Monday, April 5, 2010


I spent Easter in southern Utah enjoying another break from the snow. ICUP #2 was the very iffy Cholla course south of Hurricane. This year I actually liked the it! That said, I still prefer the mountain courses. The race went well despite starting back row. Again the group was large, 25 I think. The start resulted in a dust cloud that brought the back row to a stop 50 feet from the line. After some catch-up just trying to get into a rhythm I hooked up with Derek from UMB, we worker really well together into the last lap catching up with the top 5. Unfortunately he dropped his chain leaving me to finish alone. I managed to come in 5th to my surprise, catching up to the front row starters. Maybe I should start on the front row?

I hooked up with the Holleys on Sunday for a post ride lap around the mesa. Though I only road with them for a short time, it was the same as always: KC setting a  blistering pace, Chris bouncing off of everything along the trail and me just trying to keep them in site. I didn't get much breakfast before leaving so I was really hungry toward the end. Then it happened a little drop, someone spilled some trail mix, I wasn't paying attention, you know the rest. I somehow managed to break the valve stem off of my wheel. KC, pit chief, was on it. Her and Chris had my spare ready to go before I had broke the bead. Then Chris filled my tire while I tried to figure what damage I had done. What a way to crash!


Anonymous said...

Way to rock the race!

Brad Mullen said...

Congrats on your finish. You're in a tough category.

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