Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disneyland - Part 2

On the second day or our trip we dragged our tired behinds to California Adventure. At first glance I thought this park was going to be more fun. Someone in our party wasn't quite tall enough to ride the roller coasters.

He won't go in the dark but cries when he can't ride a big, fast, scary roller coaster or two... So we found the next best thing, a great big ferris wheel.

I think he had a good time. We wanted to ride Toy Story Mania, but the line was forever long with no fast pass option. Jamie offered to stand in line while Bren and I tried to find other rides. We found two with short lines and on our way back ran into Jamie. She had gotten close to the front and didn't want to "anger" the other people by letting us cut in, so she left to find us. If only we'd had a way to communicate, like walkie talkies or something?

It was warm, Brennen needed to cool off. We found It's a Bugs Life, a surprisingly good time.

Because Brennen loves knights, pirates, guys and pretty much any action figure. Jamie thought it would be fun to have dinner at Medieval Times. We ended up in the Green Knights section. He was the coolest and also the villain.

All was going great! Guys were fighting, horses were doing cool stuff, the story was entertaining, we were eating baby dragon with our fingers. Then the Green Knight got killed.

Brennen cried and cried. Mom and dad were sad, the serving wench was sad, the people next to us were sad. It was just sad seeing a little boy cry because his knight died and no one bothered to tell him that this was all pretend.

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ER Dad said...

OH! What drama. It's a good thing you had the perspective to take pictures rather than join him in the crying. Or did you? :)

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